Monday, September 2, 2013

Xantrex Charger/Inverter installed

So I went out and got a new xantrex charger inverter 1000watt.
Some info for you to read on is in the included links here;
Data Sheet
Owners guide
Installation Manual

For my boat I had to install it in my battery electrical compartment. This also meant some cleanup of the existing wiring the previous owners had left behind.
No biggy as this was also on the list of to do's and getting it properly arranged so the feeder from the switch actually did do the power feed was top of the list.
after removing all the extra single feeds I then made a power distribution feed and connected all power here. Grounding was also set up the same so everything is grounded to one place.
The feeder was set up in two lines
1) internal components on one feed which is controlled by the panel
2) external components on one feed.which is the radio, GPS and autopilot
So now when I shut down power everything is off.\
The only exception is auto bilge pump which is direct to house system and has the panels hooked into them as well for continuous power supply.

The second issue was the shore power and that needed to be rewired as it was done improperly and only powered one side on the main disconnect, so now we have two full 15 amp circuits drawing on a 30 amp system.
If you remember this is the solar panel kit I bought in 2010 which I has hastily installed and wired two summers ago which I properly re installed and wired through an MPPT controller.
Now the panels are putting out just over 75 watts of power with a continuous 7 amp charge which really handles all the power needs when on the hook.
I can run my power cooler all day with minimal drain on the system, I shut it down at night when cooler out and it is not being opened for atleast 8 hours.

The new main sail cover has been made for the boat and it looks awesome, Thanks to Barb Harrison who custom made this for me. Cost was 300 and is very reasonable... Pictures and close ups next post.

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